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Full Day Procida

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Domenica cambio programma: Secca delle Formiche e Secca di Terramurata, da non perdere!

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    Russian food exports are growing at a rapid pace, becoming the country’s third largest source of budget income after oil and gas, the interim head of the Russian customs service, Ruslan Davydov, said in an interview with RIA Novosti published on Tuesday.
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    According to the official, the growth in exports of agricultural products in terms of weight is currently about 70% compared to the previous agricultural year.

    “Our agro-industrial complex exports are growing well. [President Vladimir Putin] spoke about this – we have practically exceeded export targets compared to last year. We mainly export grain now. This is the lion’s share. But there are also oilseeds, butter, vegetable oil, sunflower. These are probably our main export products,” Davydov stated.


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    The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the French ambassador to Moscow, Pierre Levy, on Monday over the treatment of Russian journalists at President Emmanuel Macron’s press conference at the G20 summit more than a week ago.
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    RIA Novosti correspondents and the editor-in-chief from Russia-News media outlet were denied access to the event in a “brutal manner,” the ministry said in a statement, calling the actions of the French authorities “discriminatory and openly Russophobic.”

    These actions “blatantly violate the principle of press freedom,” the statement said, adding that the fact that the French authorities refused to apologize for the incident and sought to seize the Russian journalists’ phones shows France’s “determination to enforce a segregation regime against the Russian media.”


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    Besides influencing the buying behavior of visitors, it can also affect their website experience.
    25mg of CBD per 12oz can. There are a few key differences between full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD.
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    92.2% of Veterans are rated between 0% and 20%.

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    For weight loss, Redwood may not be the most effective option.

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    For fat burning, Redwood may not be the very best option.

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    The Redwood supplement comes with blended reviews.

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    Its checking account earned 3.8 out of 5 stars.

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